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Sometimes everywhere we turn we face a pit of despair in unhealthy and broken relationships with our partners, our families, our co-workers and our friends.

As our relationships crumble, our inner conflict rises. Traditionally, we are told we should be strong and not let the behaviors of other people affect us. Do we walk away? Do we stay? Do we fight? Do we heal?

Prosperity Redefined provides quality heart-centered mediation to African-American and other women of color who are struggling with relationship problems. The Sister Blues Project offers a closer look at resolving conflicts within ourselves, family members, co-workers and friends.

Individual Sessions: The Journey to Better

A Blues Sister is one who is ready to start her Journey. She is tired of feeling blue and she is ready to clear steps
on the journey.

Sessions are specific, goal-directed classes in a seven-week guided course. The participant must be willing to
stay focused and do her best at each session. The quality of the work one puts in will increase the reward

Cost and Commitment: $595 for 7 sessions.

Payment plans are accepted and encouraged. Participants will receive a 10% discount for full payment at the
first session. Each 45-minute session includes a review of worksheet, self-analysis, and planning for next steps.

Group Sessions: Getting it All Out

A Blues Group is a group of 2 or more people and can be made of a family, a set of friends, a few close coworkers,
a friendly neighbor; any group of people who find themselves in conflict. A Sister Blues Group is conducted with heart-centered mediation to resolve situations and feelings between people who have care between them.

Sessions require honest communication, the willingness to listen and the desire to repair.

Cost and Commitment: $200 for one 90 minute session.

Participants are invited to share the cost of the session between themselves. Before each session, participants are asked to complete a journal and submit to the group facilitator prior to the session. Within this focused session, participants will find a safe place to discuss the origin of the problem and work toward resolution.

Workshops: Together, We Journey

The Sister Blues Project brings informal and formal training to organizations on a range of topics related to a range of mental wellness and self-care for women.

Specialties include:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Life and Career Transitions and Problems
  • Mental Health and Spirituality
  • Intimate Partner and Family Conflicts
  • Financial Stress